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     Vulnerability Testing

     Vulnerability testing is the process of looking at your IT resources such as web pages/servers, mail servers/services,

     database servers, firewalls, screening routers... etc. as a hacker or intruder might see them and reporting any vulnerabilities

     found back to you the resource owner.

     Testing can be done from basically three different vantage points:

               Internal    - We are given access to your internal network.

               DMZ        - We are given access into your DMZ (the "demilitarized zone").

              External    - We have no access to your network and must view, test and report from completely outside your network.

     Testing can be accomplished with or without any advance knowledge of your company's resources (example: type(s) of

     firewalls in place). Testing can be done with or without advance notification to your security response team(s) so you can

     test their response. Testing can be done in stealthy and non-stealthy ways.

    Vulnerability testing differs from "penetration testing" in that penetration testing (aka White-Hat Hacking) actually takes the

    next step and attempts to exploit the vulnerabilities found to gain access to your confidential systems, servers, networks

    and data.