Join ISSA North Oakland Chapter & (ISC)2 Great Lakes Chapter for two days of learning, networking and fun! 

- Get the latest on the smart grid from Consumer Energy
- Learn about Zero-Trust Networking from Palo Alto Networks
- Be part of the detailed demonstrations of Core Impact (limited seating)
- Learn about disaster recovery planning in an IOT word
- Is your refrigerator DDoSing someone?  Find out with Open Source Intel
- Network with your friends and meet new people
- Participate in a Hacker Treasure Hunt
- Numerous guest speakers and much more!
- Earn up to a possible 14 CPEs!
- Entire Conference is totally FREE!!!Type your paragraph here.

When:     Friday April 15th and Saturday April 16th from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Where:    Baker College - Auburn Hills Campus

                1500 University Drive, Auburn Hills, MI  48326


Hacker Treasure Hunt Details:

Players take on the role of a hacker who has been tasked with stealing a file from a yet unknown target.  Each player or team of players will have to solve mind bending puzzles and overcome technology based security challenges to win.

Challenge starts at 10 AM on Friday the 15th and end at 5 PM on Saturday the 16th.


Laptop computer

Kali Linux (or similar distro)

Internet Access

Must be in attendance to win

Skill Level:

Hard to Very Hard

Core Skills:

-- Problem Solving

-- Password Cracking

-- Open Source Intelligence

-- Encryption and Ciphers

-- Network Forensics

-- Vulnerability Assessment and Exploitation