Introduction to Penetration Testing Workshop at DCON 2019   

by    Core Security Technologies  Instructor: Bobby Kuzma

When:  Friday afternoon 4/12/19     Start time is 1 pm and the finish time is 5pm.

1. In this Intro to Penetration Testing workshop, you'll learn the basics of what a pen-test is, how it differs

from other types of security testing, and get hands on experience conducting the network discovery, initial

exploitation, pivoting, and alas... report writing using both open source and commercial tools. *wink*

2. The workshop will be approximately 20% lecture and 80% hands on. 

3. Prerequisite knowledge of Network+ or equivalent networking is required. We will have
a lab setup

that can support RDP to Virtual Machines. So no equipment will be required of the attendees beyond a

notepad and writing implement. You may want to bring a water or refreshment bottle.

Cost for the class:  
-- $40

-- Class price includes a two day pass for the DCON conference and lunch on both days.

​-- Before you ask... No there is not a price for the class + one day of the conference.
-- This class is in heavy demand so you need to notify us if an emergency occurs and you 

    cannot attend so we can free up your seat.
-- Registration information for the conference will be supplied shortly. 

-- You must pre-register and we request that you notify us if you cannot attend so we can free up your seat. 
-- You need to check in one hour before class begins or you will forfeit your seat.

-- Class Registration: