The triangle is intentionally shaded.

  Why?  Because IT Security always involves risk

  and trade-offs. It is possible to have complete

  data security, however that will almost

  always require so many controls, restrictions

  and inconveniences to the business that this is

  simply not possible. It is our job to help you

  balance risk against business needs.                    

   The triangle in our logo is denotes the solid bedrock of "Information Assurance" upon which modern Information

   Technology rests. There are three main tenants of "Information  Security".  They are Confidentiality, Integrity

    and Availability.


   An organization must protect against unauthorized  disclosure of sensitive data. To do this it must identify what    

   data is sensitive, and who is or is not allowed access to the data at every stage in the IT process.


   Organizations must take the proper precautions to insure that data integrity is maintained throughout the

   business process. Data that is contaminated is of no use to anyone.

   An organization must take steps to insure that data is readily, predictably and quickly available to employees and

   others authorized to utilize the data.

   ​-- Backups

    -- Disaster Recovery Plans

    -- Proper System and Network Capacity and Design